Hell's Rebels

Recap of Latest Events 6/1/2017
Return of the Temple Hill Slasher

After saving the damsel in distress and returning her to the sea captain, we were approached by Henemon Hace, a tiefling who runs the Devil’s Threads store. He is one of the Followers of Milani, the goddess of uprisings. He informed us that members of his group were being killed in the same way as a 100 year old serial killer called the Temple Hill Slasher.

We followed him to the body, and he used magic to bring the victim, a young and idealistic cleric named Mirletta, back to life for a short time so we could ask it questions. He said, “I remember a knife that glowed red and a man in red leather armor. It had pockets in front of it, and he smiled like urine, oil and cheese that had been left out. He limped like something was wrong with his leg.”

Other information we gathered on the victim: 1) she was stabbed 37 times, 2) she was attacked late at night, 3) the weapon was light bladed (probably the red knife), 4) the wound depth indicated the weapon was a knife with a curve on the end called a Kukri, 5) the wounds should not have bled as much as they did, 6) She was dragged into an alleyway with little attempt to hide what as happening.

Our mission is to solve the mystery and stop the killer!

The Protest
Our Adventurers Meet

The day had come for Barzalai Thrune to address the people of Kintargo, and a small crowd had gathered outside of the Opera House where he stayed.

Azida, a perceptive elf Druid who had just arrived in Kintargo, was searching for allies among the crowd though her purpose was still unclear. Retheron, a human Paladin and follower of Iomedae, watched from the sidelines. He was concerned for the safety of those present and prepared to administer healing if need be. Kelek, a smooth talking human Rogue and Kintargo citizen wove his way through the waiting people. Carefully, he pick pocketed those he could. Kiev, a strong human Fighter, had come simply to see what was going on.

As Kelek pick pocketed and Azida searched, Retheron used his power to detect evil in the crowd. While there were many evil people, nothing rivaled the aura of one of Thrune’s Dottari guards. A woman in armor standing before the Opera House, Retheron could see that she was more evil than anyone he had ever sensed before. Despite his questions nobody would talk about her.

Suddenly, Thrune appeared in the window of the Opera House. A simpering smile on his face he spoke to the crowd of onlookers, detailing his new Proclamations and tolls for the city. Cruel and difficult to follow, they would make things harder for citizens. When he finished the crowd stood in stunned silence.

Then Kelek, seizing a rotting tomato from the cobblestone street, hurled it at Thrune, striking the window frame next to him. With that the crowd burst, yelling and screaming at the Opera House in protest of the new laws. Snarling, Thrune called down to the guard Retheron had spotted, screaming, Take care of them Nox Tesh! And by her command, the guards advanced on the citizens of Kintargo.

Azida, seeing this, cast a spell to help them escape and a great, billowing cloud of mist spread over the crowd. In the confusion, Retheron, Keiv, Azida and Kelek all found themselves fighting guards. Quickly escaping, Kelek ran to hide further into the city, Keiv, Azida and Retheron, together victorious over their foes and moving shortly behind. Crouching behind a building they peered back into the city square and saw a giant Hellhound attacking the remaining people, but they dared not go back to face it.

Hearing something down an alley, Kelek moved ahead and found some city guards attacking a man. Moving to stop them, the group succeeded and saved the man, who introduced himself as Rexus. He had disposed of a couple guards himself with a sleeping spell, but, still weak, he asked that they take him to the Long Road’s Coffee House. Kelek, unwilling to put himself in any further danger, declined to go… until Rexus suggested that he wished to thank them with more than just words.

With Keiv carrying Rexus, they headed to the Longroad’s Coffee House to hear his tale.

The story so far...
The reader's digest version of an unofficial abbreviated version of a shorthand summary of a summary of events thus far

The rebellion officially began after clearing out an abandoned livery stable with a large basement in which the PC’s found magical artifacts and extensive notes left behind by the cities old protectors, the Silver Ravens. Taking the name for themselves, the Ravens set up shop in another extensive basement that needed clearing beneath the Longroad’s Coffeehouse. In this process they made friends with a noble named Rexus and the owner of the Coffeehouse named Laria. They also found some grateful tengu sisters who had been stuck in the basement for several weeks.

The first step for the rebellion was to drum up enough supporters and allies to make a difference. They recruited a playful fairie dragon, group of freedom fighters they liberated from a makeshift prison. They bought themselves some good will by solving a series of murders in the ghetto and recovered a few resources in the ashes of the Rexus’ family estate. They also banished a demon who had set up shop in their hideout.

These small victories led to the Raven’s boldest open attack yet. They saved a small group of people from public torture at the hands of overeager citizens. After this successful operation, translation of the documents they found initially was completed. They learned that more information might exist in a secret location in an abandoned emporium. With some “key” aid from Rexus, the PC’s moved on this location.

Inside this abandoned building were undead, spiders, and Asmodeans. Solving a riddle to a statue, they found the building housed a monastery where an order of archivists kept records of all the goings on of the city. Unfortunately, the Asmodeans ransacked it a long time ago and were just finishing the cleanup and the Ravens had to carve their way to find anything useful.

This encounter culminated in meeting a semi friendly ogre and a not so friendly woman named Knox, personal guard of Barzillai Thrune. Several miracles and heroic maneuvers later, the ogre, Knox, and her pet hell hound lay in pools of their own blood, while last man standing Retheron claimed the victory.

The Ravens have since expanded their allies significantly. Their active teams consists of 30+ members actively with hundreds of ordinary citizens supporting and giving aid where they can. Recently the Ravens have acquired the aid of three particularly influential allies. First, Octavio Savbinus, head of an order of Hellknights who were recently disbanded. Second, the captain of a Chelish Navy ship named Cassius Sargaeta who asked them to liberate his girlfriend Markel Aulorian from her powerful and overbearing family.

The third is a new acquaintance named Hetamon Hace, the head of the local cult of Milani. Milani is essentially the goddess of just rebellion and, impressed with the Raven’s efforts, he offered the support of his group. He also directed them to a recent murder victim, whom they interviewed with his help beyond the grave.

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