Retheron Eleborne



A roaming paladin, Retheron worships Iomedae, the goddess of justice, and travels the land helping to restore order.


Growing up in Galt, Retheron Eleborn was born to a great family of knights who followed the teachings of Iomedae, goddess of righteous valor, justice and honor. When the kingdom fell into chaos and mob rule the Eleborn family fled to their church, becoming part of the clergy in order to escape the chaos and still help maintain peace.

For years they survived within the security of the church, but over time the other neighboring churches were slowly torn down by the mob. At last, the people came for Retheron’s church. Just a teenager, he and his family fought well but everyone was killed. Buried under a mound of his dead family members, Retheron awoke, resurrected for reasons unknown. After escaping from this horror he swore himself to follow the path of truth, justice, honor and order in memory of his family and in defiance of those who killed them.

After this tragedy Retheron has traveled from church to church, spending several months at each and learning from their wisest paladins. He is a wandering survivor of injustice and chaos, one of the few paladins known to wear an eyepatch, and seeks to save other families and bring justice and order to the world. He hopes one day to return to Galt and restore order to his homeland.

In his travels he learned of Kintargo, the hellish city, and of a forgotten rebel force that once lived there called the Silver Ravens. Fascinated with the concept of rebellion and its potential for restoring order, Retheron traveled to Kintargo and has lived there for a few months, gathering intel and learning what he can. Hearing of a protest by the opera theater, he feared that some kind of violence might erupt and hoped that a rebellion against the tyranical government might rise. And so, to observe and heal, should the need arise, he has arrived at the protest to witness whatever may happen there.

Retheron Eleborne

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