We’re a casual group of friends who are continuing online a campaign we started in person. We play weekly and we tend to role-play significantly more than we fight. This is the first campaign for most of us and the first campaign and gm experience for me. I can’t always vouch for the quality, but I can promise it will get better and more consistent as we go.

One of the things I love about D&D is that it can accommodate the interests of anyone. You don’t have to play D&D for the battleground. It can be the ultimate playground for all kinds of things. Dance, jest, explore! Peak down that alley, wonder what that peasant is doing, stare occasionally at the immense church that dominates the city and wonder what secrets it can contain. You can do whatever it is that interests you and the game can be serious, even punishing for those who are looking for realism and challenge while simultaneously being exciting and playful for those who are just looking to have a good time and explore a world that dances and laughs with them.

A note to the serious players: As someone who is a student of government and human nature, I try to make interactions realistic when possible, fun when appropriate, and accurate within the context of the Pathfinder world. The task before you in this campaign is not a simple one and it would be a shame to make it so. I expect solid planning, resourcefulness, and creativity. I am much more interested in your judgement than in your builds. In return, I’ll attempt to give you the opportunity only role-playing can offer. Real consequences for your actions.

Welcome to Hell rebels. Good luck.