Hell's Rebels

Recap of Latest Events 6/1/2017

Return of the Temple Hill Slasher

After saving the damsel in distress and returning her to the sea captain, we were approached by Henemon Hace, a tiefling who runs the Devil’s Threads store. He is one of the Followers of Milani, the goddess of uprisings. He informed us that members of his group were being killed in the same way as a 100 year old serial killer called the Temple Hill Slasher.

We followed him to the body, and he used magic to bring the victim, a young and idealistic cleric named Mirletta, back to life for a short time so we could ask it questions. He said, “I remember a knife that glowed red and a man in red leather armor. It had pockets in front of it, and he smiled like urine, oil and cheese that had been left out. He limped like something was wrong with his leg.”

Other information we gathered on the victim: 1) she was stabbed 37 times, 2) she was attacked late at night, 3) the weapon was light bladed (probably the red knife), 4) the wound depth indicated the weapon was a knife with a curve on the end called a Kukri, 5) the wounds should not have bled as much as they did, 6) She was dragged into an alleyway with little attempt to hide what as happening.

Our mission is to solve the mystery and stop the killer!


thesilentwanderer delatroe

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